Thursday, February 3, 2011

WEvents - An Intimate Affair

Some time ago, yours truly came across a blog post about a WEvents organized event sponsored by Nose and well attended by working women Klang Valley wide. Check it out here. I was intrigued by the fact that there existed a group of women that organised social events for women only, to empower women of this modern era - in terms of health, beauty and more. :)

When I heard of their latest event, sponsored by Xixili and aptly entitled - An Intimate Affair, I knew I had to go. So Sabrina and I signed up and headed over to Italiannies @The Gardens on the 27th of January for a WEvents experience.

Upon arrival at the registration counter, we were greeted with warm smiles and friendly hellos. After paying the RM10 fee (exclusive for WEvents members, non-members=RM30), we were promptly handed goodie bags and asked to pick apples... yes.. apples.

The apple we picked was supposed to describe our personality, Sab picked vivacious and I picked sexy. Hmm..

The event was held in a private area inside Italiannies. Nice :)

I love looking through goodie bags hehe, who doesn't? We all got angpow packets, a golden book wallet and a discount calender from Xixili, a copy of the latest Gorgeous magazine, and a stalk of red rose each from Petalbees Florist & Gifts.

Us happy with our roses.

Part of the crowd that night.

Italiannies provided free flow canapes and ice lemon tea all throughout the event as well. Canapes consisted of 3 types of bruschetta, 2 types of pizzas and bread pudding.

Our busy waitress making sure everyone is fed.

Seafood bruschetta, tomato bruschetta and my fave, mushroom bruschetta.

Check out the spread :)

The night started off with an opening message from Joanne Khoo, CEO of Xixili Intima Sdn Bhd, who I thought looked very young for her age.

Followed by speaker Josephine Leong, who taught us about how to find the right fit in terms of cup and band size. Extremely enlightening as she even taught us how to find the right bra for different breast shapes and showed us what a wrong bra fit looked like. What helped the most was she used a live model to demonstrate all these.

After the helpful session the model proceeded to exihibit Xixili's latest collection which in my opinion was fab. Especially the bustier piece underneath the nightie shown in the pic above, it was utterly ravishing, believe me. Just go into any Xixili and look for a bustier with similar threadwork.

True to the saying "save the best for last", the Xixili team gave out vouchers for one free bra at the end of the event. Yes you heard right, ONE FREE XIXILI BRA. Woots!

Would I go for another WEvents social event? You betcha.

Click link below if you're interested. But remember, working women only. :)