Friday, December 31, 2010

Exploring Rakuzen at G Tower

This is gonna be a really short one, why?
Because Sab and I were d.i.s.a.p.p.o.i.n.t.e.d with this place.

Admittedly the exterior looked nice. But the interior failed by far. Of course I'm comparing it with when Rakuzen was still at Chulan Square, as I loved the way the tables were placed cuz every table was sorta separated from the others by blinds/partitions, subsequently giving each table its own "privacy". Here at G tower however, they've adopted the "open" concept, one look and I can see what all the patrons are eating.

Sab and I went during our lunch break and found out that lunch time is not the best time to visit this place. Conclusion was made based on three horrible experiences:

1. Upon entering Rakuzen this young waiter dude turned us away, saying "sorry we have no more seats". So we said " what about those 2 seats right behind you?" THEN ONLY does the waiter dude show us to those seats.

2. It took them 15 minutes to give us the menu and another 15 to take our order.

3. It took them 30-45 minutes to bring us our food. Ok mine, still understandable why they took so long but Sab's set meal required NO COOKING whatsoever.

My Beef sukiyaki. Average edibility. -_-

Sab's Chirashidon. See what I mean by "requires no cooking"?

We think they should've stayed at Chulan Square. There. I said it.

Note to Sab: Time for us to find a new fave Jap restaurant :(

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caught Canoodling at Bangsar Village

We treasure friday 2.5 hour long lunch times for a reason...
Time for new foodventures!! :)
Our most recent one was at Canoodling, Bangsar Village. Right beside "For Goodness Sake" (it's sister restaurant) and it was but a mediocre experience. Nice ambience though, plus you get to doodle on your table, check it out:

As per my usual standard, I ordered coffee. This was a little too sweet for my liking.

Naz had the braised beef noodles which tasted a little like korean beef flavoured cup noodles and cost RM9.90. Don't think I'd have that again.

I tried the seafood noodles. It came in tomato & salted veg soup and was actually pretty nice. Also cost RM9.90 and IMHO more worth it that the braised beef noodles.

Sab had the lam mee, also RM9.90. This was probably the nicer out of the 3 albeit a little salty.

We decided to give their snacks a try as well, so we ordered tempura kangkong (RM4.90), which tasted nice (especially with the chilli sauce) but was very oily.

And their jellyfish + wasabi salad (RM8.90). This turned out pretty good. All three of us liked this particular salad cuz the wasabi sauce went well with the jellyfish and salad mix.

Their service was pretty efficient and waiters were friendly but if ever they should keep you waiting, you can doodle on the table with the crayons provided. Which we did... just for fun :)

Me thinks its pretty easy to guess which doodle belongs to who :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pick of the week - Seremban Beef Noodles

Introducing my all time fave --> Seremban beef noodles kon lou!! weeeee!

If ever someone were to make me seriously pissed, all that someone has to do is buy me a bowl of this and I'll be your friend again :) ( yeah I'm easily contented, so what?)

There are 3 places in Seremban where you can find this beef noodles but I only go to two cuz I dont know where the third one is. Lol.

The pic above was taken at Quinn Seremban Beef Noodles, Jalan Toman 6, Kemayan Square.

Although... I prefer the one at Pasar Besar Seremban :) Tastes more authentic somehow...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brazilian wax, anyone?

Shall we do a Hollywood, Playboy or L'Amour?

Those aren't perfume names, card game names, or porn star names.
Even a better fact, they're actually keywords for female hygiene.

As everyone may already know, the Brazilian wax has recently deemed its popularity in Malaysia. Waxing specialist salons are mushrooming everywhere in kl. Brides-to-be everywhere also make appointments prior to their wedding or honeymoon.

Waxing down there aint easy. it takes courage and guts for people with lower pain thresholds. a revolution for people like me:D some people do it for hygiene, some for boyfriends n hubbies, some for self confidence. i decided to take the plunge only recently. partly peer pressure, partly for adventure sake. haha. i pierced the belly button. what cud be more painful right? but personally, trust me, u'll get addicted to how hygienic it feels once u have it done:)

This post is dedicated for all those pink crazies brazilian waxing wannabes out there. recommended by a dear colleague of mine, i decided to tryout Honeypot Wax Boutique at BSC for my second session (yes, second). everything was so pink! *dizzy excitedd*

The christmassy mood of Honeypot. plus the pink counter n wallpaper.

The very pink private waxing rooms!
The waxing service was slower than Strip. personally, i prefer it to be done fast. do faster, less staring. lol. but anyhow, i like how the waxer do it in detail. not the staring part la. process goes like this: dip stick in wax, apply, chat to distract you, STRIP (ow) off wax, and tweeze off ingrowns or remaining short ones. the tweezing part was what i meant by detail.

By the way, for this salon, the Hollywood means all off. Playboy means all off except a strip in the middle. L'amour means u'll get a heart shape tuff on ur vahjayjay. fancy huh:) only for the fancy hearted. not this time around for me, though.
They even use pink wax. called Cherry Pie wax, i was told.
The waxer also told me how she was trained. apparently she learnt how to brazilian wax professionally from a beauty school. practice sessions are like, on each other. whoa awkwarrd. but all is good, she did a good job and only that matters. hehe.
Waxing tools.
For those who are wondering about the pain, i would say i'll rate my pain 2/10. not bad riiight. so for those who's like 50% deciding on it. go ahead and do it already. u can try any salon you prefer, and share ur experiences in our comment section too:) i would love to do a review on Strip in telawi as well but i forgot to take pictures:-/

However, here are the list of Honeypot's services n pricing if u're wondering:

ok, have fun:)
much love.

Credits to:
Honeypot Wax Boutique 
Bangsar Shopping Centre
S123 2nd Floor,
285 Jalan Maarof,

(03) 2092-5598 for reservation.

Mon - Sun
10.30am - 9.00pm

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Foodventure - Andes BYO (Aman Suria)

Been wanting to try this place out for quite some time now cause I heard they made good burgers. Their nice and cosy environment is an added plus. :)

Ok so I stepped in with the intent of trying out the pork burger, but other things on the menu struck my fancy so instead, we ended up ordering the items below:

Pork chop (RM15.90) - Comes with coleslaw, black pepper/white sauce and selection of fries/rice/mash/spaghetti. Verdict: Ok ok only la...

Spaghetti Marinara - This was pretty nice when eaten with chilli flakes, and as you can see, there was a satisfactory serving size of seafood as well.

Porky Pork Grill (RM16.90) - The reason I didnt order the pork burger. This was pretty nice, meat was well seasoned and well cooked. My only complaint would be that the black pepper sauce was somehow, kinda bland.

Aussie Bacon Burger (RM15.90) - Looks nice aye? Makes me feel like trying the pork burger next time round. Also comes with coleslaw and choice of fries/rice/mash/spaghetti.

Grilled chicken (RM15.90) - Also pretty nicely done.

To finish off our dinner - Cookies and Cream Cake with Ice-cream! Also ok- ok only la...

Overall quite a delightful dining experience and also cheap. Would definitely pay another visit in the near future.
Andes BYO is located at:
K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43
Aman Suria Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya.
(Same row as Cha Cha Pan Mee)
Tel No.: 03-78083292

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Foodventure: Ad Hog, Kota Damansara

It was so hard to find this place, even had to use GPS cuz it was located at the inside inside area of Palm Springs Kota Damansara. Once you turn into Palm Springs just keep going straight, past the townhouses, past the shoplots, allllll the wayyyy until u see factories coming up on the left, then start looking for Jalan PJU3/45 on your left.

The shop's hard to spot as well as there isn't a signboard so just look for an orange & black shop with a chalkboard at the front. Lemme just say this before you decide against going on this quest, THE SEARCH IS WORTH IT.

Check out the interior deco:

A simple chandelier lighting up our table.

Their rustic and classic deco, me likey.
3 little piggies on the table :)

As usual, I ordered a coffee and was pleasantly surprised to find that they served lavazza (RM6) !! Awesomes ;)

Ice blended lime juice. Though a tad expensive (RM5.50) it was really refreshing and you can tell that they used none of that cordial crap, this thing here was pure lime juice (hence a little sour too).

Water was complimentary and served in wine bottles. Nice touch!

Then came our appetizer: Gumbo soup (RM 12)
I can't really tell what was inside but it tasted like beefy minestrone soup without the tomato, with fragrant spices and spicy paprika powder. Doesn't sound like much but it was perfect as an appetizer.

And we kicked off our mains with: Pork shoulder steak (RM39). This was totally awesome man. Tender peppered lightly grilled steak served with tangy salad and mash.

Just look at it... So super tender and juicy... *drool*

Whilst we were halfway eating the owner came up to us and asked if we could tolerate spicy-ness. As we nodded our heads in unison he chucked this bowl of red thingy on our table which turned out to be HABANERO sauce. And surprisingly, it was goooood hehe. Went well with most of the meat dishes.

Next, BBQ ribs (RM39) and like all mains, came with tangy salad and mash. Not as mouthwatering as the previous dish but yummy all the same. There wasn't enough meat on the ribs though, as tasty as it was.

Next up, one of their specialties: Chicken Pog (RM49) It's like some chicken and sausage meat thingy wrapped in crispy bacon strips, super sinful but super the yumz. This went really well with the aforementioned habanero sauce :)
The side salad was this concoction of fruits and veg and I really can't tell what dressing they used cuz it just made the whole salad so appetizing that my friends and I just loved it.

This... was DA BOMB. Bliss served on a plate. Roast pork (RM39), people, the melt in your mouth kind. XD
The skin was perfectly crispy and there was a perfect proportion of meat and fat in each piece and the moment you crunch it in your mouth..... wooo..... heaven :)
For those who're not that fond of that porky smell and taste, the sauerkraut when eaten together, masks the porky smell just well. Not too much, not too little.

Then we saw our neighbouring table having this dish and we found it intriguing so we ordered the Gamberi Vino (RM78) as well. 4 king prawns drizzled with cheese and soaked in red wine sauce. I don't know how they cooked the sauce but the alcohol in the wine was preserved and it went really well with the toasted baguette served.

And then we had to have dessert of course. Brownie with ice-cream (RM12) which would've been nothing special except they used molasses instead of chocolate syrup on the ice-cream.

Introducing the Ice-cream with rum (RM12). We should've ordered two of these instead of the brownie. Vanilla ice-cream on a martini glass with rum and laden with leong fun, atapchee, kidney beans and lychee. *Slurp*

Ad Hog:
25, Jalan PJU 3/45
Sunway Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78047813