Friday, December 31, 2010

Exploring Rakuzen at G Tower

This is gonna be a really short one, why?
Because Sab and I were d.i.s.a.p.p.o.i.n.t.e.d with this place.

Admittedly the exterior looked nice. But the interior failed by far. Of course I'm comparing it with when Rakuzen was still at Chulan Square, as I loved the way the tables were placed cuz every table was sorta separated from the others by blinds/partitions, subsequently giving each table its own "privacy". Here at G tower however, they've adopted the "open" concept, one look and I can see what all the patrons are eating.

Sab and I went during our lunch break and found out that lunch time is not the best time to visit this place. Conclusion was made based on three horrible experiences:

1. Upon entering Rakuzen this young waiter dude turned us away, saying "sorry we have no more seats". So we said " what about those 2 seats right behind you?" THEN ONLY does the waiter dude show us to those seats.

2. It took them 15 minutes to give us the menu and another 15 to take our order.

3. It took them 30-45 minutes to bring us our food. Ok mine, still understandable why they took so long but Sab's set meal required NO COOKING whatsoever.

My Beef sukiyaki. Average edibility. -_-

Sab's Chirashidon. See what I mean by "requires no cooking"?

We think they should've stayed at Chulan Square. There. I said it.

Note to Sab: Time for us to find a new fave Jap restaurant :(

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