Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caught Canoodling at Bangsar Village

We treasure friday 2.5 hour long lunch times for a reason...
Time for new foodventures!! :)
Our most recent one was at Canoodling, Bangsar Village. Right beside "For Goodness Sake" (it's sister restaurant) and it was but a mediocre experience. Nice ambience though, plus you get to doodle on your table, check it out:

As per my usual standard, I ordered coffee. This was a little too sweet for my liking.

Naz had the braised beef noodles which tasted a little like korean beef flavoured cup noodles and cost RM9.90. Don't think I'd have that again.

I tried the seafood noodles. It came in tomato & salted veg soup and was actually pretty nice. Also cost RM9.90 and IMHO more worth it that the braised beef noodles.

Sab had the lam mee, also RM9.90. This was probably the nicer out of the 3 albeit a little salty.

We decided to give their snacks a try as well, so we ordered tempura kangkong (RM4.90), which tasted nice (especially with the chilli sauce) but was very oily.

And their jellyfish + wasabi salad (RM8.90). This turned out pretty good. All three of us liked this particular salad cuz the wasabi sauce went well with the jellyfish and salad mix.

Their service was pretty efficient and waiters were friendly but if ever they should keep you waiting, you can doodle on the table with the crayons provided. Which we did... just for fun :)

Me thinks its pretty easy to guess which doodle belongs to who :)

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