Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hoop Vocab #6 - Imma-do-whatever-i-want

You can come up with your own poses while fooling around after class ;D In Elijah's case, he decided to create a more... manly pose i suppose. Lol!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hoop Vocab #5 - Man In Moon

A bit difficult to balance when u place both your toes up on the hoop. Must find your centre of gravity. Will of course look nicer if toes r pointed.

Hoop Vocab #4 - The Starfish

Find the balance on your lower back and split your legs out against the hoop for support. let go your hands off the hoop and you're a starfish!

Hoop Vocab #3 - The Gazelle

"Must remember to breathe, otherwise your face will turn red like that!"  ~ Michelle Kong

Hoop Vocab #2 - The Backlay

I was supposed to release the left arm:)

Hoop Vocab #1 -The balance sit

The balance sit
Not very hard now isn't it?:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

And So It Begins :)

Introducing.... US!!

Licensed drug pushers by day and budding aerialists by night :)

And since we share many similar passions in life we thought... what better way to immortalize our aerial journey and life experiences than to document them in our own little weblog?

Let's meet,

Contributor no.1 -->

Sabrina aka Sabby aka Sab

About me:
Someone who probably writes her heart out more than talk it out:)

Fave food: -
Japanese (but of course), mama's laksa and those hardcore kampung sambal belacan ulam of all sorts and cencaluk bebeh.

Passionate about...
Everything artsy and graceful:)


<-- Contributor no.2

Rachel aka RachT

About me:
A fickle-minded daydreamer trying to live like there's no tomorrow.

Fave food:
Seremban beef noodles - the dry one ;)

Passionate about...
Eating, singing, dancing, travelling, extreme sports, handicraft and personalisation. (non-extensive list =p)

With that, we officiate the opening of this blog!!