Saturday, January 15, 2011

Apam Rambai from Negeri Sembilan

Hey all!

Have you guys seen or tried this Malaysian kuih before?

apam ice cream - pic courtesy of Jurnal Rasa
Pretty right?
What you see above is the improvised version of the kuih apam, nicely put n cups with all the cute colours mixed up. first thing that crossed my mind when i saw this pic was.."ooh malaysian cupcakes!"

Anyways, you can find these at almost all the kuih stalls, sold 5 for RM1 if i'm not mistaken. most of the time they don't come in cups and in a variety of different colours : green, pink, white. usually eaten sprinkled with coconut flakes. go try one if you haven't ok.

What i wanted to share today is in this photo:

Now these are traditional apams:) someone brought it to make up class today to share with everyone and i was amazed by it cuz i haven't seen it before. these apams are called Apam Rambai. taste the same, so i guess they use the same ingredients but they are steamed in rambai leaves and belong to the Negeri Sembilan tradition (just found out after i googled about it). p/s: Rachel is orang negeri sembilan:P

What's unique about this kuih is not just the rambai leaves, but they are usually eaten dipped in sambal tumis ikan bilis. u know, the same sambal you eat with your nasi lemak. yums.

Whoever's thinking of trying these apams can travel down to Johol, Negeri Sembilan. Good luck!:)

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