Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mak Andam and Makeup Artists.

I've been going to make-up and hair classes and just got my cert today:) well it's not a full fledged make up diploma thingy but i got enough knowledge to 'cari makan' as my teacher puts it. It has been a great experience especially because there were only 4 of us in class and we get personal attention. we learnt hands-on on brilliant malay bridal makeup which trademarks in smokey eye and shadings, and a variety of bridal buns.

the assortments of bridal buns learnt

us happy with our certs:)

Back in our parents and grandparents time, the 'Mak Andam' plays the role of a makeup artist- they do makeup, hair, and clothe the bride on the wedding day. one day before, they are in charge of rituals such as the bride's flower bath. according to our folk tales, these people do magic. they do so called incantations to make the bride appear different from what she looks like in her daily life (they call this 'naik seri') and they would know whether the bride is a virgin or not from the flower baths and if she's not one, the incantations wont work.. Sounds scary to you? but that was in the olden days. and it was a great story to pass on to our grandchildren. nowadays we have these group of people called the Make up Artists.

Make up artists fake everything. they use the arts of colours to make single eyelids into double eyelids, round faces into heartshaped ones, flat noses into sharp ones and dull, uneven skin tone into a flawless fair one. scientifically and artfully (however u put it), turns the bride into someone different, someone much more prettier than she is in the daily life. they make your hair more beautiful by making beautiful buns out of it. they might not know if you're a virgin or not, but they can make you look like one:) they do exactly what a mak andam does. so somehow or other, these magical people from back then were actually makeup artists. perhaps with some special powers which are called artsy talent, nowadays.

Martian hair courtesy of Nurul Shukor.
Not my everyday look, courtesy of Amy Janz.

Anyhoo, my makeup and hair class was a very enjoyable one and i love playing the millenium improvised mak andam minus the incantations and all don't worry, so to all u future brides out there..come give me a try:) i might have those special powers that you might like!

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