Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brazilian wax, anyone?

Shall we do a Hollywood, Playboy or L'Amour?

Those aren't perfume names, card game names, or porn star names.
Even a better fact, they're actually keywords for female hygiene.

As everyone may already know, the Brazilian wax has recently deemed its popularity in Malaysia. Waxing specialist salons are mushrooming everywhere in kl. Brides-to-be everywhere also make appointments prior to their wedding or honeymoon.

Waxing down there aint easy. it takes courage and guts for people with lower pain thresholds. a revolution for people like me:D some people do it for hygiene, some for boyfriends n hubbies, some for self confidence. i decided to take the plunge only recently. partly peer pressure, partly for adventure sake. haha. i pierced the belly button. what cud be more painful right? but personally, trust me, u'll get addicted to how hygienic it feels once u have it done:)

This post is dedicated for all those pink crazies brazilian waxing wannabes out there. recommended by a dear colleague of mine, i decided to tryout Honeypot Wax Boutique at BSC for my second session (yes, second). everything was so pink! *dizzy excitedd*

The christmassy mood of Honeypot. plus the pink counter n wallpaper.

The very pink private waxing rooms!
The waxing service was slower than Strip. personally, i prefer it to be done fast. do faster, less staring. lol. but anyhow, i like how the waxer do it in detail. not the staring part la. process goes like this: dip stick in wax, apply, chat to distract you, STRIP (ow) off wax, and tweeze off ingrowns or remaining short ones. the tweezing part was what i meant by detail.

By the way, for this salon, the Hollywood means all off. Playboy means all off except a strip in the middle. L'amour means u'll get a heart shape tuff on ur vahjayjay. fancy huh:) only for the fancy hearted. not this time around for me, though.
They even use pink wax. called Cherry Pie wax, i was told.
The waxer also told me how she was trained. apparently she learnt how to brazilian wax professionally from a beauty school. practice sessions are like, on each other. whoa awkwarrd. but all is good, she did a good job and only that matters. hehe.
Waxing tools.
For those who are wondering about the pain, i would say i'll rate my pain 2/10. not bad riiight. so for those who's like 50% deciding on it. go ahead and do it already. u can try any salon you prefer, and share ur experiences in our comment section too:) i would love to do a review on Strip in telawi as well but i forgot to take pictures:-/

However, here are the list of Honeypot's services n pricing if u're wondering:

ok, have fun:)
much love.

Credits to:
Honeypot Wax Boutique 
Bangsar Shopping Centre
S123 2nd Floor,
285 Jalan Maarof,

(03) 2092-5598 for reservation.

Mon - Sun
10.30am - 9.00pm


  1. Awesome :-)
    Though, I'm not too sure why i'm so happy for your hairless bottoms but.. you both got me so confused with your writting styles now, which I guess is a good thing. Could it be Rachel who took the plunge?
    and second time? that's absurd !!
    the girl who said, " I'm really hairless" to " Why would you want to do that? How weird!!!" girl.
    Anyways good on Malaysia - you're so good and getting real awesome in beauty obsession stuff. On that note, i'm missing my eyebrow threading sessions in Malaysia - thank you Sab for that xoxo miss you guys

  2. hahaha marsha! rachel made me admit it...yes it was me. hence the musings by..:D just thought i'd share the photos since i got super excited with the color. and pink wax! who has that la??

    i'm sure rachel's tempted to take the plunge too. hehe.

    speaking of, it's actually time for threading. we miss u sho much la unty!:(

  3. Yeap, tried it. 'Starfish' oso ?
    Sakit giler but ur rite its addictive. :D

    YEY!! tho like marsh, i also not sure why im soo excited abt our hairless woo woos.