Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baking Attempt #1 - Getting the Necessities

Ok so we decided to embark on a baking journey too, i mean, which girl doesn't like desserts right? :)

So... step 1: to get the necessary tools

So far I've only been to Chang Tung Baking Goods to get the occasional pizza base, but Sabby here brought me to Bagus bakery this time around and I tell you, we were spoilt for choice! Took ages just to choose that cake tin Sabby's holding.

Check out Bagus' items here :
Our basket of goodies :) They even have crushed Oreo bits! Saves me the hassle of crushing the oreos myself yays!

Baking isn't cheap.
Total damage of shopping spree: RM100.13!

Sabby bought some muffin mix from Bagus this time around so she's gonna bake 'em muffins and we'll check out the results next time around :)

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