Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Hammam & Gommage experience.

Last time i went to spa wasnt exactly the best experience for me. got some superb discount at this Girls Day Out event. the masseus was practically climbing all over me, yes, on the massage bed and i can feel it even with my head down buried into the pillow. painful weh. and they made me bathe with just a frickin pair of disposable underpants in a bathtub. then i thought, NEVER again.

But this place totally changed my perspective about the spa. the so called pampered luxurious feeling they raved about. no more so called now, it's the greatest feeling! The Hammam Spa is located in Bangsar Village II. It's a traditional moroccan version of a turkish bath. it was decorated fancy-shmancily with gorgeous turkey-moroccan deco. The catch was Hammam and Gommage (Hammam means bath in arabic and gommage=exfoliation/scrub) and along with massages and everything else a spa has to offer.
The entrance of the spa. 3rd floor.

I went for their Ramadhan promotion which seems worth it for the price. for RM250 u get a foot scrub, hammam&gommage, 1hr massage, face massage and foot massage, and a hibiscus&lemon tea.

First i was brought to the locker room and given an electronic key bracelet. asked to change into my bikini and wrap myself in a robe. i brought my own bikini. otherwise, they have a pair of black disposable ones for you.
pretty moroccan locker/changing room floor
lockers with electronic locks
yours truly cant help but do this.
So the catch about hammam and gommage is that, you're being bathed just like a moroccan queen. or think cleopatra. lol. nah actually to me it felt like mama giving me a bath when i was tinyy. they scooped water and pour on you. then comes the exfoliation part. you lay on the tile bench, face down. the girl in charge put on a pair of gloves. rough ones. and began scrubbing u up. some say it felt like being skinned alive. all your dead skin came out like the black rubber bits u get when you use your eraser on a paper. yucks right. but the outcome was great man. smooth skin. here...feel mine. dont get jealous!muahaha.

the area where they serve you tea and baklava after your hammam and gommage session.
my hibiscus-lemon tea and baklava
All in all i love the service they offered here. the staffs were all friendly, they even have 1 or 2 moroccan workers here for originality. the massage was marvelous (i went ooh-ahh-sigh-wow-thats-nice in my heart the whole time) and the ambience was awesome (that's why i went thickfaced to ask photography permission before i took all these photos).price also awesome tapi at least the service was worth it la. i wud definitely recommend u guys to come after a hard day's work. or future brides. to get bathed by people and massaged into oblivion. hehe. in my experience, memang instant softer skin after your scaling session. they open from 10am-10pm everyday. for more info go to www.hammambaths.com and make your appointments:)

after spa, muke bangun tido. the girls r even friendly enough to offer take photo for me!

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