Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baking Attempt #3 : Rummy Fruit Cake

Joy to the world, christmas is near!!!
It's that time of the year again for scrumptious yummy wummy rummy fruit cakes!! Woot
A friend decided to do a fruit cake experiment this year so I just had to join in the fun. =p

Behold the ingredients.

Recipe found online :D
We followed it almost exactly, only left out the golden syrup and vanilla essence, and changed the mixed spice to cinnamon.

Before and after mixing in the brown sugar.

(L)The creamy butter + sugar mixture with 4 eggyolks added in one at a time.
(R) Egg white + baking powder, whisked till stiff.

Flour, salt, cinnamon and egg whites folded in.

In goes the soaked-in-rum-6-months-long fruits (lemon rind, mandarin peel, cherries and raisins).

Then the dough masuks the loaf tins and into the pre-heated oven!

Lookie lookie... Ok experiment not quite successful cuz not enough fruits in the cake. But the flavour was pretty ok. Will carry out experiment no.2 soon and hopefully we'll create fruit cakes good enough to sell =p haha

Fresh outta da oven.

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