Friday, September 17, 2010

Foodventure #1 - Rakuzen

Our beloved Marsha is leaving us for good so we decided to have a farewell lunch for her at one of our favourite haunts: Rakuzen.
Cuz We. Love. Japanese. Food. :)
And also because Rakuzen has a wide selection of Jap food with pretty good lunch sets and fresh sashimi. Although its on the pricier side, me thinks its value worthy ;p
This is my all time fave --> Yakiniku Zen (Grilled beef set) RM28
I always always order this at Rakuzen :)

And Sab's fave --> Chirashidon set RM30

She orders chirashidon at almost every jap restaurant she visits :D

Some group pics with Dear Marsha. We're gonna miss you babe!!

Before leaving the waitress told us Rakuzen Chulan Square is gonna be relocating to "G-tower" down the road in October 2010. And apparently it'll have a garden in the front and everything so we can't wait!

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