Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foodventure #3 - Lotus Garden

We're not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to workday lunch but among the limited selection this has to be one of my faves. They call it "Soon Tet Bagus Teh", we call it fake bak kut teh complete with fake pork meat and stomach :) People who generally like a more herby taste in their bak kut teh will like this too! Location? Lotus Garden Vegetarian Restaurant, on Jalan Pahang opposite HKL.

The humble exterior of the restaurant.

One of my fave drinks which only lotus garden serves --> MYspecial coffee (RM2.60)
Its a yummy mix of coffee, milo and rose syrup. First time I tried it I was surprised how well these 3 blended together.

Fake Bak Kut Teh with rice and all-important-cilipadi (RM10)

The fake pork meat

Marsha, Sab and I --> the 1Malaysia gang =p

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