Monday, September 27, 2010

Sushi Tei opens in Pavilion KL

It was weeks before that we saw the big construction board in Pavilion KL with the name Sushi Tei on it. That was when i got excited yeaaaah..Sushi Tei's comin to KL:D My first time was at the Tropicana City Mall branch with my colleagues on one of our luxurious friday lunches. By luxurious i meant us government servants get 2 and a half hours lunch break on fridays. Almost every week we'll go around testing out different restaurants around kl. cuz life is good like that:) btw back then i was impressed with the generosity and the affordability of the lunch sets offered and thought it would definitely make me a happier person (and also all KLites Japanese food addicts) if one branch is opened in KLCC or Pavilion.

Because my ongoing mission is to tryout all the different sashimi sets and dons at all the japanese restaurants, as usual, i ordered the Salmon Don. it was priced at RM12.50. Don is rice and lauk by the way, as a Malaysian would put it. First thought when the waiter brought it to me: "Keciknyeee...kedekut" ...but surprisingly the don does come with a lot of rice in that tiny little bowl. so don't judge a book by it's cover. haha. and underneath all those slices of salmon, they sprinkled seaweed flakes and sesame seeds. i usually order miso soup together as a side dish but this small little don already has enough flavor. i'd give it a 5 stars actually:)
Salmon sashimi, ikura and rice - small bowl with a great package.
Hubby ordered the Ten Don. this one actually smelt like goreng pisang but taste different. 2 big prawns, lady fingers and pumpkin tempura. plus rice, of course. costs about RM13.

Light and crispy tempura!
That's it for now. glad to bring this good news to u KLites who go all the way to Tropicana mall in PJ for Sushi Tei and to whoever who havent tried this restaurant, dropby for lunch today:)

Sushi Tei Restaurant
1.18.01, Level 1

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


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