Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Sloppy Burger Ramli and some useful tips.

As a Malaysian, i would say that i'm proud of our Malaysian-made burger Ramli. everytime i order this burger at one of the roadside push-stalls i would go for the burger daging special (beef burger wrapped in egg). the beef patty and egg combination is yummy and everything is over the top. black pepper sauce, mayonnaise, chilli sauce, salad, cucumber. everything in one burger.

But when i say everything is over the top (and worth the price of RM1.50-2.50 too), messiness is another thing that is done all out too. 1 tip for you girls out there: Never order this burger when you're on a first date:) or when u're out in a group with cute guys you don't know, who might get interested to know you! make sure you have enough tissues to wipe off your mouth after each bite.

To experience this messy sloppy burger like the above for yourself, dropby:

Kafe Chenderasari
1st Floor
Hospital Kuala Lumpur

...or any burger stalls by the roadside.

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