Sunday, October 10, 2010

Experiment 101 - The Aspirin Mask


Ok I'm so totally gonna sound like a bimbo and a jakun here but I just stumbled upon a DIY mask that apparently works wonders for oily, blemish prone skin!

I don't know how effective it'll be but the ingredients make sense to me so I decided to take a risk on my skin and embark on an experiment of this DIY mask.

Why I say the ingredients make sense? Check it out:
1. 3 tablets Aspirin
2. Gentle gel cleanser
3. Aloe Vera gel
4. Honey

Aspirin is in essence --> acetylsalicylic acid, which is an acetylated version of salicylic acid (a main ingredient used in many blemish targeted skin care products). And I suppose the aloe vera gel is there for soothing purposes and the honey for its antioxidative properties.

I got this "recipe" from here, one of those beauty blogs I've been frequenting recently.

I suppose I've always been intrigued with how these chemical thingies affect the skin, so I'm thinking, I might just go into cosmecueticals as a specialisation after this. :)

Ok I'm out, check back in 2 weeks time for the results!

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