Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Studio 5 Ampang Jaya

If you happen to be in Ampang Jaya and wondering where to eat, try this stall:)
This warong together with a few others are located right next to the Ampang SPCA.
Have you guys heard of the famous Boom/ Naan Corner in Ampang Jaya?
Well Studio 5 is right next too it.
Nothing fancy looking compared to Naan Corner but they always have a crowd to serve.

the warong. and some dude who thought i was trying to take his picture.
It's been there for as long as i can remember.
Back in my primary school days, we used to drop by after school to buy lunch and have dinners there on days when mom doesn't cook.
And it's still there after i graduated primary school, high school, uni, got a job and got married.
It's like a super old timer warong.
And so i think it actually deserves a post specially dedicated to it on our blog:)

So it's just a warong stall. what's so special about it?

1)  The RM1 steamed nasi lemak.
remember our primary school days when we sental licin our small banana leaf wrapped nasi lemak together with it's sambal? well this warong preserves exactly just that. the small portion of fragrant rice, sambal, egg and its price. and because it's been steamed to cook, the rice tasted a little different from the average nasi lemak. i'm guessing it's because they steamed the rice in banana leaf until served when ordered.
These for RM1 each!

2)   Chicken Rice

I can't really explain why their chicken rice is special. Definitely not the very best one out there, but perhaps because the stall actually started off selling chicken rice when it was first opened and they've been doing it for the longest time, even before all other places open. they have the normal chicken rice and the claypot one.

Claypot Nasi Ayam - RM4
3)Drinks in Supersized Glasses

Drinks sold here come in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large. The large one, if i'm not mistaken comes in a 1L glass.For people who likes to lepak and drink. You can order any type of drink you want. From Milo Ais, Teh O, Teh Ais, to all the fruit juices (freshly squeezed).   i usually opt for the regular one. but this time around i ordered something warm cuz i was coughing pretty bad.

my barley panas and hubby's regular sized barley drink.
Do dropby for a meal the next time you're in Ampang area..i can assure you it's worth it:)

Studio 5
Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama,
Ampang Jaya  (Row of stalls next to SPCA)

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