Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kitchen DIY : Meatball Mania

This post is wayyy overdue but definitely post-worthy :)

I'm gonna show you guys how to make totally yumz and simple-to-do meatballs!!

You can use any type of minced meat you want (eg chicken, beef, etc). This time I used minced pork. And first thing you'd need to do in marinate the mince meat with:

1. Soy sauce

2. Salt

3. Pepper (I used black pepper and Sarawak white pepper)

Next chop up half a turnip and some shallots. Make sure they're properly minced.

Then, add the minced shallots and turnip to the minced meat. Crack one egg into it and mix evenly. I suppose if you're using minced beef you could crack TWO eggs instead of one as beef tends to be a little dry.

Now comes the fun part :D Just roll the meat mixture into little balls and place these meat blobs on a wet plate ( to prevent sticking).

See our overcrowded plate? Should've used a bigger plate haha.

And then of course comes the frying. Just deep fry the meatballs until brown, but be careful of the "jumping oil" because turnips tend to produce water when fried and when the water touches the oil... *pliak pliak pliak* jumping oil..

See end result :) yummzz


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