Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beauty DIY: Aspirin Mask

Yays! Finally tried out the aspirin mask. Well it was not so much a mask, it turned out more liquidy than expected.

Instead of using the normal Bayer's aspirin I went for the cheaper alternative instead: Ranbaxy's Uniaspirin which also happens to be in soluble tablet form. Makes the process easier :)

I decided to crush the 3 tablets anyway so that the tablets would dissolve faster. Then I added a soup spoon of water.

Next, I added aloe vera gel (Fruit of the Earth brand) and mixed till the gel was properly dispersed. The gel doesn't really mix with water so it won't dissolve, it'll just disperse in the water creating a sorta emulsion thingy.

Last step, I added in a soup spoon of honey into the emulsion and mixed till I got the light goldish mixture as per picture below.

So I just slathered some on my face, left it for 15 minutes, and then used the rest of the mixture as a facial scrub since aspirin makes a good exfoliant. After the mask I applied aloe vera gel before sleeping, only because my skin is the sensitive type and I was afraid it would turn red after using the aspirin mask.
Verdict: Didn't see any effect immediately after but over the course of the next few days, my blemishes reduced slightly and my skin was also brighter and clearer looking. Now, all I have to do is discipline myself to carry out this whole process this weekly :/

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