Sunday, November 7, 2010

Malaysian Pole Dance.

I was going through my old photo folders in the computer and i found this video. This was when i took up pole @ LJ studios, ampang point. messing around after class. credits to fellow classmate Santhawan who took this vid.

Pole as i remembered, when i first started, wasn't something that was looked up to by friends. everyone, in fact. my first mention of the 2 words 'Pole' and 'Dance' itself got me a lot of cheeky expressions from both guys and gals.

I guess pole dance does require you to wear something which bears as much skin as possible. otherwise you wont be able to do this:

or this:
or even this:
but somehow...when i was taught my first spin, i know i got hooked to this activity. every spin spells the word wheeeee in my head. and i wanna do it again and again. and when i finally know how to do the inverts, i wanna know what other cool stuff i can do wth this vertical thing. no matter how many bruises and burns i get from the clipping and rubbing or how madonna-like my arms will get from doing it. don't believe? go try once or twice:)

I stopped the pole classes shortly before my wedding in Dec last year and i'm still stuck at beginner's level. although now i'm learning other aerial stuff like the lyra and the silks...i definitely still miss my pole classes. i wish one day after mastering the circus stuff, i cud come back to it!

If you're interested in pole classes, there are several studios offering it in Malaysia now such as Viva Vertical, Bobby Pole Studio and Broadway Poleworks.  it's up to you to choose. there is no preference towards any of the studios. every studio and instructor has their unique way of teaching. so do your research and pick the best!

much love.

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