Thursday, November 4, 2010

German Deli Imbiss, Ampang Jaya

Judging from the name, this deli was probably brought to Malaysia by the Germans. it's located at our very recently hot lepak place in Ampang, opposite the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), behind the Ampang Jaya Petronas station.

This restaurant specializes in many many types of hotdogs, big ones and small ones. steaks too, and some pastas as well as their trademark german noodle soups.

The halal logo on the menu shows that this deli also targets malaysian muslim customers. nothing to worry about, clear your conscience and order away!

For RM3, you get tall glasses of ice lemon tea for drinks:

This time we ordered the Coney Cheese Hotbock priced at RM12.50 and we were delighted with the size of sausage and the generous amount of mozarella cheese on top:)

Another unique dish they serve at this deli is the Beef Pancake Soup. it came in a bowl so big it can fit your head in it. it's just like any other noodle soup, but with big chicks of beef and pancake strips as noodles. this one costs RM12.50.

There's also wifi and plasma tvs in the restaurant so u can dine and lepak there. ask for wifi password.

German Deli Imbiss,
Petronas Service Station,
Jln Kolam Air Lama,
Tmn Dato' Ahmad Razali,
68000 Ampang,
Tel: 03-42513078

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