Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Skin Food

I think this is a pretty cool gift for any girl, don't you? :)
I like the packaging and there are so many types of masks all jammed packed into a Skin Food zip-lock bag it was like christmas came early in the form of facial masks. Lol.

There were 3 different types of facial mask, as per picture shown above: Rice Mask, Repairing Mask and Omija Whitening Mask. And the bag contained FOUR of each type, yay!
My fave outta the 3 has be the repairing mask, containing red ginseng and royal jelly. My skin actually does look brighter and more plumped up after using it.

And then there was this, 1 packet of green tea milk cleansing cream. Which I haven't actually tried yet heehee.
The package also included a packet of salmon eye brightening serum, which was a little oily and didn't show any immediate results so... I didn't bother posting the picture up =p

Now THIS, is the one product that I'd definitely buy again. The package also contained 4 of this but I've already used them all up!

When you open up the packet you get a blister pack with a silver foil backing. Tear that open and you'll see the collagen + carrot essence drenched silicon mask.

After removing the front and back plastic protectors the silicon mask looks like this and you just stick it onto the eyebag area. It's shape gives a perfect fit (for me la). The instructions say to leave it on for 30 mins but I usually leave it over night and wake up with brighter and more taut eyebag area. I like!

Can't find this in our skinfood stores though cuz this package's direct from Korea. So either I'm not looking hard enough, or this product has yet to grace our shores. So if anyone can find this in our stores please gimme a holla!

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