Friday, October 29, 2010

OktoberFest 2010

I only celebrate 3 main festives a year. CNY, Christmas, and..... wait for it...... OKTOBERFEST!!!!! Weee!!!

Month long beer promotions and happy hour prices round the clock, what more can I ask for?? :D
Last year, I went for Eurodeli's Beerfest and spent about RM200 and felt a little cheated after that cuz, seriously, who spends RM200 at one time, on beer, during OKTOBERFEST?

So this year, I smarter a bit liao =p, went for Sid's Pub (Bukit Tunku) Beerfest instead and spent RM25. Only. For more beer than I got at Eurodeli's.


Sid's offered a wide range of draughts, including Strongbow, Kilkenny, Heineken, Guinness Stout bla bla bla. I personally don't like stout but we just had to take a stout moustache piccie each :D

This was taken right after Tiger beer was opened free flow for all. And an hour after that, ALL beers were FREE FLOW for all. Shucks man, I should've waited then I wouldn't even have needed to spend that RM25.

Smiling satisfied customers of Sid's Pub Bukit Tunku Beerfest 2010.


And of course, one beerfest is never enough!
Went for another one at Sunway Giza, The Beer Factory :)

This one wasn't as cheap as the one at Sid's BUT they only served imported smooth as butter German butter. RM100 for 5 big bottles, ok what. Right? Came up to only about RM50 per person mah! (Self justification)

The two brands of beer we bought that day.

Beer Factory was having beer drinking competitions half the night as well. Quite funny seeing some people drink like mad then straight away puke into the black dustbin provided.

But really, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter which beerfest you go to... It's the people you go with that matter cuz it's the company that makes it fun. :)

It's now 29th Oct so it's time to head to another Beerfest before this glorious month ends. Hehe.

Anyone interested can head on down to One Utama today, event starts 6pm onwards. :)
See you there! Woot!!!

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