Monday, October 25, 2010

Pick of the week - MOS burger

Minta maaf atas kelewatan meng-update blog ni =p
Just got back from Merlion city where I finally got my hands on the famed MOS burger.
*gasp* You've never had MOS burger before?
No I've never had MOS burger before. Yes I should be sued.


The HOT yakiniku rice burger!!!

They were promoting this at the time I was there and it was completely YUMMILICIOUS!!! Strips of yummy tender beef, capsicum and lettuce dikepitkan in between two jap rice patties and covered in hot sauce.. ooh la la...

See how much Sue enjoys it? ;D It was so good we had it twice in 3 days. :)

Note to self: ALWAYS visit MOS burger whenever in Singapore.

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