Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hoop Vocab #8 - Front Lay

Get yer knee up
Pull yourself up
Land on the hoop..but not on your crotch!
End it by arching your back...tadaa! The Front Lay.

When we first tried the Front Lay, we each got ourselves unattractive bruises on our right inner thigh. However, like everyone says, practice makes perfect. with each attempt we improve in adjusting our weight in order to avoid those nasty bruises:)

We still needta train to get up on the hoop MORE gracefully. lucky for you guys you don't have to watch us on video this time around!

p/s - Aerial Arts must not be attempt thru step by step photos like this. Our entries are all to keep track of what we've learnt since they teach us new stuff every week. Check out to join us;)

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