Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Foot lock

Hiyaa...sorry for the hiatus:)

It took me quite a long time to learn how to do the foot lock. cuz i'm just slow like that:)

First and foremost, thanks to Michelle Kong for being a model in these photos. it really was hard work for her to hold step by step while clinging to the silk. hehe.

Here's the step by step process (the best i can capture on cameraa):

Make a climb up: Engage and pull urself up the silk.

Push the silk from under your shin with your left foot (while still clinging on tight!)

Now concentrate on ur right foot's little toe. move it under the silk then above, and step on it. tadaah
So that's that, the foot lock. just to refresh our minds on it. kalau tak paham, i'll demo it to you. hehe.

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